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Consultancy and logistics technology

Advanced international transport

VASCO is a friendly, flexible, family-run group offering transport, consultancy and technology services to the transport and logistics sector.

We specialise in the most sensitive and complex areas of the industry and support our customers throughout their process of innovation and digital transformation.

We are logistical intelligence.

Many small and medium-sized businesses complain of lost productivity and high costs, but they do not know why this is happening or where they could make savings. 50 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry have helped us improve companies’ processes. We discover and develop new strategies with you and train your staff to carry them out. A team that develops individual and innovative solutions for each business unit or company. Expertise, knowledge, and technology to optimise service levels, automate processes, and reduce costs.
We offer a wide range of logistics services that provide cost-effective solutions for the entire supply chain. VASCO offers personalised customs storage, distribution, and customs management around the Peninsula and in the Canary Islands.

Logistics planning and implementation services ensure significant time and cost savings. VASCO is your logistic partner, providing comprehensive solutions adapted to each customer, optimising logistics chains, and contributing added value to companies’ business model.

VASCO has a team of technology experts who research logistics processes and create digital solutions adapted to the needs of each company. Our mission is clear: to facilitate our customers’ logistics management through digital products that offer swift personalised solutions to their daily problems.

Can you imagine knowing the status of your shipments with just one click? Downloading the documentation for your dispatches? Having a way of communicating with your carriers?

VASCO has been transporting all kinds of products for almost all sectors by land, sea, and air for 50 years. VASCO has been a pioneer in land transport to Central Europe, a partner to one of the world’s largest shipping companies, and freight agent for the world’s best airlines.

There are no challenges too complex: from an urgent box in a van or plane to Poland, or Australia, to an entire chemical plant by boat to India, or a food container by train to China.

During the 5 decades VASCO has been operating in the market, there has been no project our teams have not been able to carry through.