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We cooperate to achieve a fairer, more sustainable, and inclusive world


A commitment to society that goes beyond our operations in the transport, logistics, consultancy, and innovation sector.

Moving from a local focus towards a more egalitarian global future. The DERANDEIN Foundation was established in 2007, in parallel with our own business growth: we create a future where we are needed; we collaborate where we are needed even more.

DERANDEIN works to promote change in Africa, always led by local collaborators on the ground, their culture and knowledge, in defence of Human Rights, and of course, by sowing the seeds of respect. A Non-Governmental Development Organisation that emerged out of the personal experiences of Jokin Azarloza (son of the founder of VASCO, Kepa Azarloza) in Tanzania in 2006.

Thanks to the support of VASCO and its partners, as well as the involvement of several public and private entities in the Basque Country, DERANDEIN now supports local organisations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania; it listens to the population and builds proposals to help them resolve their problems.

We support local organisations in Africa to implement development, emergency, and humanitarian aid projects in areas such as education, water, food, and health. At a local level, we work to raise awareness and promote development education, conveying the realities of the African countries where we work to promote respect and solidarity towards their people.

We are working to further our level of humanitarian engagement in Africa as a reflection of our commitment as a development agent, based on our resources and potential. A strong bond that unites the people who make up VASCO with all those involved with DERANDEIN and those who want a fairer world.

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